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Wise decision making

This may seem trivial, but before making any decsion about anything, ask yourself what you actually want to achieve, and then ask yourself a second question, why?  Make sure you get good answers. 

Decision making is an activity of our mind, and our mind is like a spoilt child, it screams at our consciousness for something one moment, and once it has what it wants, like a child, it throws it out next moment and screams for something else.  

Evidence? Ladies, look in your closets, anything in there that you really really wanted, but have barely worn?  Gents, did you really need that model of car just to get from A to B?

Some decisions, once taken, can be difficult to reverse, such as moving to another country. There is nothing wrong with dreaming about a different life, but dreams are really easy to change, stepping into another world is not. 

The move to living off grid is a bit like getting off the cruise ship and into your own boat, it brings freedom that come with a new level of responsibility. If you want this freedom, Portugal is a good place, you may be on your own boat, but there is a flotilla of like minded close by, ready to offer help whenever needed. 

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