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Cost of Living

There is something negative about the word “cost”. Perhaps because it represents an expense, a loss of that which we have worked hard to gain, that which we value, money.
But there is something more, cost is immediately thought of in monetary terms; how can we equate our life to a monetary expense?

Yet we do, its a common enough metric in our western culture, it costs this much per year to live in London but only that much per year to live in Cardif, or perhaps the Government tells us that the cost of living has not gone up in real terms.

Accepting this measure as a norm has psychological effects, associating our own life with a need to turn the tread mill at some constant rate just to live creates a base line for our servitude. Many countries have a legally imposed base rate of cost for each person. In England, for example, we have to pay Council Tax, by law. In Germany, there has to be connections to the grid, by law. 

I went to pay my council tax the other day and again was told that because it is less than €10 per year, I do not have to pay. One of my personal goals was to minimise my legaly enforced outgoings. For the last couple of years, I have exceeded my own expectations and achieved €0.

Of course, I still buy at supermarket, local stores, and local market, but the thing is, its my choice. I am able to make my own decisions over how I spend each and every penny. Perhaps we do not realise that we have been ‘indentured into service’ until we can ‘taste freedom’. 

Portugal offers an alternative to the ever mounting stress of needing to bring in more and more income to meet the ever increasing cost of living and the expense of trying to increase our quality of life, (as if more stress somehow can improve quality of life). 

Portugal permits the polar oposite alternative, its possible to reduce the legally enforced cost of living to zero. 

Is it possible to have any real quality of life when we allow ourselves to be bound by the fiction of money into modern slavery?  

If you move to Portugal, and if quality of your life is important to you, then spend your capital wisely.  

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