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January 27, 2019


Our team has a passion for sustainability. This includes how we source our materials to the services we offer.

Energy Systems

We have expertise in designing, sourcing components and installing small hydro, photoelectric (PV), wind and hybrid systems for off-grid individual family residences to microgrids for small communities. 

Supplied by Livre Power, this water wheel operates in low head of water
Solar panels provide energy for clinic

Waste systems

Often overlooked is the responsible disposal of household waste. This can easily become a source of energy even at small scale and a major step towards sustainable living. Our in house expertise in Anaerobic Digesters provides opportunity to install organic waste, waste water and sewage systems that dispose of wastes in an environmentally responsible manner while producing biogas for cooking and heating as well as nutrient rich fertilisers to enhance food produce production

Small Anaerobic Digester system, organic waste in, clean cooking grade biogas out.

Home heating

Wood burners come in many different shapes and sizes, and some do not work as well as others. We have a source of superb woodturners made in Portugal that are solid, long lasting and extremely easy to use and efficient.

We can add efficient heat recovery system to capture the wasted heat that would otherwise have gone up the chimney. A supply of free steaming hot water during the winter months makes a lot of sense !

Solar heating

There are many options for solar heating, but again, they are not all equal. Attention to the materials used, especially conflicting materials that could cause early corrosion is vital. Modern systems are not very expensive and provide abundance of hot water. We can provide advise, design, supply and installation services

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